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« on: July 12, 2012, 05:14:11 PM »
If anyone is interested in starting discussions, sharing info regarding trend alerts..For some time now I have been watching Smartrend and others,  their alerts, upgrades, downgrades, etc..I have yet to see a stock where they have identified a wrong trend..if they upgrade, up goes the pps, in the downgrade, it tanks..and not for just a day or two..I have seen it go on for weeks in the direction they said it would go..the sooner the trend is identified and invested in, the higher profit % is there for the taking..scotty has an analyst section where they daily announce trend changes with stocks..I'm sure all the other brokers have the same type of thing..if anyone is interested, please post any alerts you find here, dates and reasons they were originally announced will help...as an example, this supervalue fiasco today on the put side that closed with a profit of 2700%, they are already starting to load up on the calls for january..at the close, there were over 4000 contracts on the bid for the january $5 calls today @ .15 for supervalue...we are all well positioned here with attd for what we believe will be a huge uptrend coming here hopefully soon..with the volatility of this market right now, unknowns with the economy and with europe, trends seem to be the way to go to make consistant profits..if there is no interest, then just let this go by the wayside, just thought I would throw it out there to see if there was any interest... as an example, avon (avon calling), AVP, was downgraded by S & P, and the pps dropped today, SFD, Smithfield Foods was downgraded 2 days ago and dropped again today...being off work for almost 2 weeks now with my back has given me all kinds of time to watch the market, and I now have a whole new outlook and approach to trading it...any interest, please post any alerts you may come across...btw, I did get browns blessing for it... 8)

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Re: Trends
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